Everything You Need to Connect to Students

Whether you're a teacher in K-12 or faculty member at a higher ed institution, you'll find that OpenClass will help you save time and stay connected to your students. And because OpenClass is cloud-based, you can easily create and edit courses, access your course materials, and check your assignments anywhere, anytime.

You always have a set of easy-to-use administrative tools at your fingertips to help measure progress and gain data-driven insights–by individual student or by course–within and across institutions. OpenClass is also built with social at its core, so you can keep in touch and keep conversations relevant with the born-digital generation.

Find out how Central Piedmont Community College uses OpenClass to support a social, collaborative learning environment.


Easy to Get Set Up, Open to Everyone, Completely Free

We know there’s nothing schools and institutions want to hear more than “free,” so that’s how we priced OpenClass. There are no licensing fees. There are no hosting fees. There are no hardware fees or special requirements. It’s completely free. It integrates with existing systems, streamlines administration, and saves valuable time. It’s easy to get started—with just a few clicks, schools, institutions, departments, and individual educators can be up and running with OpenClass.


Made for the Way You Learn

OpenClass was tailor-made for you. We looked at the way students actually communicate, work together, and use content online – and we baked what we learned into one amazing application. OpenClass combines the best of social networking, collaboration, and education sites into a great tool that makes it easy to work on group projects, share docs, chat, and Skype. And with tons of interactive digital content, every subject is now within your reach.

Content Creators

Supporting the Best Educational Content

At Pearson, we envision an open learning environment where it’s easy for institutions and educators in K-12 and higher ed to create and curate content. We’re driven to use technology and the power of Big Data as the catalysts for a revolution in education.

Through fully-supported, open APIs, we’re making it easy for anyone to connect content to OpenClass. And with a critical mass of students interacting with content, it’s possible to translate critical insights gleaned through data and analytics to content optimizations that help boost course efficacy and bring about amazing strides in personalized and adaptive learning.

We believe that OpenClass provides an incredible opportunity for content creators to develop courses – including born-digital content – that can make a difference across our K-12 and higher ed audiences and institutions. And soon the OpenClass Exchange will include the ability to sell your content.

Learn how McCarroll Middle School in Decatur, Texas, used OpenClass to develop a fun and inventive approach to learning.